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The Balinese Traditional Gamelan Lesson

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This  all of instruments In Bali The Traditional balines gamelan

Gamelan Traditional Bali is many kind,but iwanna to introducing special from bamboo it called Tingklik. It made...from Bamboo. When teh make it it's very hard and must be pattiens,cause if you wrong or mistaked can't cange or save have to goin to the trash. It make it from special bamboo ,the bamboo must be dry and than cut spice by spice to make Rindik is one of many kind balinese traditional gamelan in bali use it in wedding and dance .In bali there are dance very populer in comunity of Bali it names is Joged Bumbung. To play joged bumbung use rindik to play this gamelan.
Rindik have special not in Bali.

Gender is paly for shadow puppet show in bali but olso play to wedding and much more Gender it maked from metal the sound is more loud than rindik.This olso one of them the instruments very old in Bali.Iam teach olso this gender.

Suling is made to from bamboo this very importand to following gamelan rindik when the play. That ways suling is make sound more nice and good to hear. Play suling is more dificully than rindik ,cause suling used teh felling when you palyed.

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